Corvallis Activism

Our Campaigns

Soup Kitchen

Supporting our unhoused neighbors

Corvallis Green New Deal

A resolution to fight greenhouse gas emissions & social inequities

Fracked Gas Resistance

Banning the expansion of fracked gas infrastructure in Corvallis

Community's Campaigns


Electrify Corvallis

Electrify Corvallis is looking to end the use of fracked gas in Corvallis, and transition to clean, renewable electric power for all residents.

Sweep Miner

Sweep Miner seeks to end the authoritarian camp sweeps in Corvallis, which upend the houseless community and make it harder for them to get back on their feet.

Corvallis Divest from the War Machine

Read the resolution written by Veteran's For Peace to fully Divest Corvallis from military weapons manufacturing and the military industrial complex!

Fossil Free Eugene

Fossil Free Eugene is a coalition built to end the use of fracked gas in Eugene! They have made some substantial progress in pushing real climate action and a ban on new gas hookups.

Really Really Free Market

Bring what you have, take what you need! RRFM has opened up a complete anti-store to give really really free things to all Corvallis community members!