Meet the Teams

City Policy Team 

Building community resiliency in the form of equitable policy is this teams goal! We work on making Corvallis legislation that prioritizes social justice and urgent climate action!


We organize protests & mobilize around what community members need! Were constantly looking into ways to act in solidarity with local groups and create meaningful actions!

Graphic & Media Team 

A team of creatives that actually set up the website you're looking at right now! We design posters, create social media graphics, and make art for protests!

MOM Team 

----Mentoring Organizing and Maintenance --- We help with the logistical side of things! We work with Sunrise National & figure out what it means to be an associated club of OSU


Sunrise Corvallis was formed in Winter of 2018- mobilizing youth to demand climate action on a local level! Our first big project was to organize a rally demanding that OSU divest from fossil fuels, which was met with a direct response from former OSU President Ed Ray. After that, we organized climate rallies outside Corvallis city hall & supported voter registration rallies, but once the pandemic hit in spring of 2020 our organizing moved online. We used zoom to build community and share the intersectionality of the climate crisis, and draft version 1 of the Corvallis Green New Deal! Since then, we have been updating the Corvallis Green New Deal and expanding to other forms of climate activism, including direct action and mutual aid. We have grown to around 20 members of Sunrise Corvallis! We have our own meeting room (fully decorated) and have a wide variety of community partners and networks. We can't wait to keep writing the next chapter of Sunrise history.